Course curriculum

The Space Technical Training gives you an overview of the main space programmes of Europe. The course is divided into 3 modules: Earth observation, Satellite positioning and Other space programmes.

    1. Introduction to the Space Technical Training

    1. Copernicus Programme

    2. Copernicus Data Access

    3. Copernicus data - beginner

    4. Copernicus data - advanced

    5. Feedback

    1. Galileo & EGNOS

    2. Galileo for your solution

    3. What differentiates Galileo?

    4. The advantages of GNSS positioning

    5. Using low-power GNSS technologies for your IoT solution

    6. Feedback

    1. Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

    2. Introduction to Satellite Communications


    4. Feedback

    1. InnORBIT Immediate Satisfaction Survey space entrepreneurship support programmes

About this course

  • 17 lessons